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3D Archery Trail

The 3D trail has 10 or more targets that will really challenge your instinctive shooting skills! If you donโ€™t know about the many 3D tournaments and shoots that happen throughout Nova Scotia, check out this blog on my site.

The trail is open to beginners who will receive a practice session first and taken through the course with myself as score-keeper. I come around with refreshments and tips on how to improve your chances of hitting a 10. I will even take pictures and videos for you to share and keep of you being super bad ass in the woods with bows and arrows!

Each target has 2 stakes or an alternate set of directions for how shooting is approached. Sometimes we may sit from a stool or kneel. The stake sets your position so that challenges can be set out for shooters. You may be shooting between trees, under brush, down hill, or the target may even be moving. The course changes all the time.