3D Archery Trail

By Appointment Only
Call or Text Jay at 902 233 4750

This is what got me into archery. While we begin on the range with a lesson and lots of tips for the trail, we spend the rest of the time in the woods. Instead of shooting lines there are stakes set for you to mark your stance and take your shot at 6-8 targets ranging from dinosaurs to zombies, life-like wolves, bears and giant poisonous frogs.

The thrill of taking aim through the natural elements is one of the best ways to enjoy archery. A few things to note:

  • This trail is suitable for people ages 12 and up.

  • We begin with a lesson in traditional archery and heads to the woods.

  • The trail is mildly challenging to walk.

  • Shooters are provided water, sunscreen, and bug spray.

If you don’t know about the many 3D tournaments and shoots that happen throughout Nova Scotia, check out this blog on my site.