Earth Friendly Targets

bag target

Did you know the bag targets at Highland Bow and Arrow are 100% recycled?

Archery does not have to be an expensive sport after you invest in your equipment, especially if you are willing to get creative and collect the right materials. A taut and evenly filled feed bag or other bag of similar material can make an excellent shooting target for the back yard.

In preparation for the 2018 season, I am collecting a ton of plastic which is recycled from its original purpose and stuffed into my targets. I re-use this plastic over and over, changing only the (recycled) bag we use as the surface for arrows. If you are in the CBRM or Victoria County region, I want your clean plastic! Please no food or drink included* :)

Examples: grocery bags, plastic wrap, ziploc etc.

To contact me to donate plastic, please email Jay at