Amanda Ferguson: Mentor

PCP Paramedic, Homesteader
Primitive Longbow Shooter

How did you start shooting arrows? 

I was with some people who were doing it. I wanted to try it. So I did. And it was awesome. Always try new opportunities when they arise. You'll never know what it feels like to let that arrow fly until you release the string.

I started and still shoot a homemade (primitive) long bow made for me with love. It's blue.

Why do you think you are drawn to pick up your bow and practice?

I like to be really good at things. You don't become good unless you practice. I thoroughly enjoy seeing progress and working to better myself in most aspects of my life. Dedication to myself.

Where do you practice most of the time?

In my own backyard. It's a quiet hobby. It won't bother your neighbors. Clean. And can be done as a solo sport. (Keep an eye on your pets and the local wildlife, safety first!)

Why are you a mentor?

I have a passion for life and I want to share that passion. I have patience to take the time to teach, to listen and to be present.

I was always told I was a "saucy" child. Looking back, it was the best trait my mother ever instilled in me. The 'sauce' to stand up for myself and my beliefs. I want more young girls to have sauce. Not the bully business. The true "I am worth something" sauce. I want a generation of girls who believe in themselves.

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