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All Ages. All Abilities.
All Ladies.

Lady Archers is a club for women and girls who want to spend their time immersed in nature and in a sport that can clear the body and mind with one release of an arrow. Members learn the basics of traditional archery and receive special invitation to events lead by other women. Connect to the broader community of Archery Organizations in our province and receive guidance as you grow.

Club members get access to an archery instructor (Jay, Owner of Highland Bow) and a number of mentors who lead an event each per Month. This year has an amazing line up of events beginning with a FREE event on June 30th open to everyone that features the help of a yoga instructor, posture alignment specialist and several archery instructors. Another FREE event for members is the Introduction to 2D & 3D Archery taking place on Sunday, July 7, 2019. Other events members get discounts on are: Full Moon Yoga Archery & Outdoor Sauna, Survival Circle 3D Shoot, 3D Shoot In The Woods, and a fall foliage Photo-SHOOT. All of these events are lead by local women!

These women are not just archers; they have the ability to show you how to take your archery practice to the woods, to the yoga mat, into your body posture and your fitness routine, and to benefit your mental health. These women teach survival skills and get you out of your comfort zone. They are also your support when taking your archery game up a notch. Lady Archers is definitely more than just shooting arrows! Which by the way, is incredibly bad ass on its own! You’ll see when you get out in the woods with a bow and arrows.



Individual Membership: $75 + hst

Mother Daughter Duo: $100 + hst
Mom must be the other member!

Household Membership: $175 + hst
For up to 4 members.


- 2 Year Memberships (open seasonally)
- Members only t-shirt, stickers, emblem
art postcard and letter of welcome.

- Discounts on admission to all events.
- Free access to some events.

- Access to an Instructor and Mentors.
- Weekly $10 shoot nights for practicing.
- Free bow tune ups and consultation.


↓ Ladies Shooting Traditional Bows: Ages 7 - 86 ↓