Bonfire Nights

First of all, look no further than Iron Art near North River on the Cabot Trail for amazing sculptures, metal works and photography. They are why I have such an artistic and unique fire pit to gather around in the first place! Highland Bow is located among many artists and skilled creators; check out a map of where they are.

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Bonfire from the chairs.jpg
fire pit

At Highland Bow I like to encourage the basics: the great outdoors, fresh air, archery and a good bonfire. Whether you are alone, with friends or surrounded by family or co-workers, this is what they mean by spending "quality time." You can't help but loosen up and have fun even if you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn! No matter what your physical ability - there is a way for you to enjoy archery (and hit target, I promise!).

Sometimes snacks or food is cooked on the grill and tea and homemade apple cider keeps warm while we shoot. There is nothing like the sound of a crackling bonfire with the cicada's chiming in between each arrow on your target.

The pit is a perfect compliment for the viewers area which is located next to the shooters.

Your group or party does not have to consist completely of shooters as this is the perfect area to watch the action, tend to refreshments and relax. Tables, picnic table, chairs and benches are always available for guests in your party or group.

Bonfire chairs.jpg