3D Shoots

3D Archery is what sparked my passion for the sport. In the Maritimes there are 3D Shooting events held nearly every weekend in the summer, hosted by club houses and organizations. 

3D targets are the imitation of a real animal with target lines around the area housing that animal's vital organs. Practicing on these targets teaches the archer about ethical hunting practices and helps to clarify misinformation.

At a 3D tournament archers travel in groups of 4 or less through paths in the woods or in fields, shooting targets with the intention on hitting the heart/lungs area like bowhunters would. The targets are positioned in ways that real animals may appear in nature. Distances may vary and you may be aware of them prior to the event or not. Typically stakes are set in the ground indicating where you are to stand when shooting your 1-3 arrows. In some places your foot needs to be touching the stake while taking your shot.


One of my favorite big targets: the roaring bear.

Jay at a 3D Shoot with a 35# recurve bow.


Types of Bows & 3D Archery

Traditional archery involves using a longbow or recurve style bow. Compound bows are a more advanced technology but unless specified, both styles are welcomed to most 3D events.

As the difference between these bows is significant, there are separate stakes set for compound archers and traditional archers. The number of arrows may vary as well.


Above are just some of the amazing targets I have come across. Make sure you check out the upcoming event I am hosting with TAANS (Traditional Archery Association of NS). This is an all traditional shoot using only recurve and longbow styles. 20 targets on the field archery range behind Highland Bow & Arrow, including targets on the regular course. I am excited to introduce Highland Bow's first moving target as well.