Danielle Bryson: Mentor

Yoga Teacher, Master Healer
20 Years in End of Life Care
Recurve Bow Shooter. 

How did you start shooting arrows? 
I joined an archery club (The Wolfs Den) in Barrie Ontario over 7 years ago. It was the perfect combination of MIND + BODY. I was immediately drawn to the meditative aspects of the practice and the increased upper body strength was an added bonus! I shoot a Ragim Matrix Recurve Bow at 30# draw.

Why do you think you are drawn to pick up your bow and practice?

Once your body picks up a new skill, and you’ve practiced this new skill to the point of natural reflects/response.... you enter a realm of mindfulness where everything else just drops away. Those moments of pure calm, mixed with fresh air and the “Thwarp!” sound of my arrow hitting the target is what draws me to pick up my bow and practice, again and again.

Why are you a mentor?

I just celebrated my 20 year anniversary as a care giver which demands good body mechanics and compassion. My job as a movement medicine teacher and healer gives me spirit, energy and mindfulness. I am a Yoga Teacher and Master Healer with over 15yrs experience, holding space for the community of Baddeck in my home studio (Black Stove Studio).

My family fabric of fisherman and hunters give me a passion for nature. Any chance I get to grab my bow and get outside with my ladies or by myself is pure GOLD. 

I believe the skills and sisterhood being involved with archery develops is what creates strong young women, and I want to be part of that. 

Go to Danielle’s Yoga Archery Event ⤏
Taking place September 13, 2019