Emily Rankin: Mentor

Photographer, Graphic Designer
Recurve Bow Shooter.

How did you start shooting arrows?

My husband and I paid Jay a visit to try it out and get a few images for her website. I've visited Highland Bow & Arrow a number of times since and loved it so much I had to get a bow to practice at home.

Why do you think you are drawn to practice archery?

I work at a computer for long periods of time for my job. I love my work but can easily get caught up in work addiction and can neglect some of my own needs - like going outside! I'm also an introvert - I really get my energy from alone time. Shooting arrows is a perfect thing that I look forward to taking a break for. I can do it on my own, in nature and gets me out of my head and more into my body and the moment.

Why are you a mentor?

I'm new at this but I want to show people that if you follow your curiosity it can lead to some pretty cool opportunities. You don't need to have been shooting for years to have a blast with archery. Practicing is rewarding and has become a big part of how I avoid burning out from my job.

I also co-host an annual women's retreat that focuses embracing self care, the power of nature, connecting with other women, and refilling your creative cup. Archery offers me all of these and I'm excited to share with the Lady Archers my take on how these can be a part of their practice too.

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Taking place October 6, 2019.