Who can shoot archery?


<< This woman is 87! There is a bow for everyone at Highland Bow & Arrow.

The best part of archery is that whole families can participate together, including the grandparents. Various draw weights (the weight you pull when drawing the bow string) are available to suit the needs of the shooter. Ages 9 and up recommended for this range.

Is archery accessible to everyone?


<< This lovely lady had one session at the range and found her groove with her own bow and took it home with her. The site is accessible. I have a washroom on site that can be accessible for those who can move from a wheelchair and up a step.

There are archers with no arms, blind archers, and many archers shooting from wheelchairs. There are no limits. If you prefer to watch, there are more than enough places to choose from, including a fire pit and outdoor kitchen.

Do you get an archery lesson first?

Yes. Not only do you get the proper instruction, you get a chance to hone the skill and enjoy the sport.

Jay (owner/instructor) will guide you as you shoot and adjust your technique as needed throughout the hour. If you are shooting on the 3D trail, you start on the range and are toured through and given pointers. Check that out in more detail here.

Make an appointment to shoot: Text or Call 902 233 4750

You’ve got your basic range targets which are at varying distances - the majority of which are stuffed to the gills with 100% recycled plastic.

There are also 3D targets you can check out here. This is an amazing archery experience that starts on the range and ends up in the woods for a well spent couple of hours in the woods with friends or co-workers. This is the closest you are going to get to hunting in the highlands with a bow on your trip to Cape Breton!

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